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If our (The United States) goal is to be a "Zero Waste Nation" - we can start by following what Sweden is doing with their garbage. Turning Garbage Into Energy

Please see this video  Waste to energy program that actually works.
If Sweden can do a successful job of recycling we in the US can do it as well. In Sweden only 1% of the trash goes into landfills.

One stop shopping, one click and you’ll find everything and anything made by recycling creatively.

I believe that if it has to do with recycling...[it] should all be on one web-site, all in the same place. I found while doing research that it is hard to find some of the super cool stuff that is out there, made from recycled items. I found out it's not that easy to catch the recycle bug. I'm not talking about recycling bottle and cans, that's all fine a dandy and yes if you are doing that please keep on doing that, it does help. You can even go to the extent of living in an environment friendly home and driving an environment friendly car. Why am I doing what I do? I believe the easier it is for consumers like you to find items made by recycling manufactures and artists. The more those manufactures will sell, the more they sell their products, the more the prices will come down. Making those initially pricey products more mainstream. That everyone will be able to afford them, this will even out the playing field and more people will have more choices as to if they buy rec…

The Pyeong Chang Olympics It's Not Playing Games... When It Comes To Recycling

They are calling it “Carbon Responsible Games” as a vision of a low-carbon Olympic Games, as Pyeong Chang will try to minimize the negative impact of the Games through greenhouse gas reduction and offsetting it with innovative measures.       Have you been following in the 2018 Olympics footsteps and participating by being Green, as well? Pyeong Chang is the greenest Olympic ever. Are you also participating in being Green? If you are not being Green but want to be, we at can give you some tips and show you easy ways that can begin to make a difference. The Olympics are doing it, so can you. Join in and help the cause, you’ll feel good about it, knowing that you are doing something worthwhile.
      Some innovative features being used at Pyeong Chang include: rainwater reuse facilities, recycling and waste segregation, and using food waste for fuel or fertilizer.
      They are using electric cars and wind turbines in Gangwon Province, as part of the wind farm development…

Salvaging great looking junk at

Nothing is too big or too small to recycle.

We believe in working hard, selling hard but with a soft gentle caring touch. We love making commercial art for the masses, art that evokes a personal emotional attachment. That’s one of the reason we believe you should use something that you have laying around and spruce it up. You will feel the same way we do, when you work on your artistic creation, all while being green and recycling everyday items. We have gather some neat examples from the Tv show "Flea Market Flip", of just how others are salvaging junk and making it look great and that serve a purpose. We let the pieces speak for themselves. We think it's important to learn by seeing, we plan to post videos on how it’s done. We are doing all this, so you might get inspired and a “light bulb” might go on in your head. You are only limited by your imagination. “Flea Market Flip” is just one of the many shows out there that are in line with our cause. We are in the process o…

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Please join our wish list of caring companies. Become a sponsor and participate in helping us in cutting this huge garbage problem down to size. We believe in first creating awareness then taking action. is informative about the ugly truth and finds solutions that can be fun and easy to follow. Please check out us out @
Thanks to for providing this video. Together with your help we can start the snowball effect.

Let us at TheRealCycle draw you the ugly picture of reality.

We have to attack this problem head on and put this problem front and center. Not hiding it, and making believe that it doesn't exist. That's why we are here drawing you this very ugly picture. Because if you get involve and get on board, we can make a dent and help to create a chain-reaction and will eventually slow down the growth of one of these Gyres. I'm a firm believer than the only reason that these Gyres have gotten so big, so gigantic is because not enough people are aware that they even exist. . We are not about just having fun while creating art, at, but we are here also to try to inform people of this crisis... way too much garbage. Just one of these Gyre (circular patch of mostly plastic debris) is the size of the state of Texas. That equals to 700,000 square kilometres or 270,000 square miles. And there are at least five Gyres in the ocean. They are in the South Atlantic, North Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific and in the Indian Ocean …

The many possibilities of creative recycling that you'll discover at The Real Cycle.

There are endless possibilities of ways you can recycle. Let us at The Real Cycle guide you through them. You learn by doing, just following along and seeing how it's done.
Once you see for yourself what others are doing, it's like a light bulb going off in your head. You'll discover other possibilities for yourself. This blog is to demonstrate that with one object you can go in so many different directions. The journey is part of the adventure, letting your ideas flow can be exciting. Not knowing where it's going to take you can be exciting.
Sometimes the journey to discovering is what motivates me. I don't know about you... but I don't get as excited when I know exactly how something is going to turn out. Like they say it's more about the journey, not necessary the destination.
What better journey is there when you're doing it for a good cause and when you're pleasantly surprised with the results at the end?  You accomplish something, you learn som…