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Creating awareness thanks to our wish list of sponsors at

Please join our wish list of caring companies. Become a sponsor and participate in helping us in cutting this huge garbage problem down to size. We believe in first creating awareness then taking action. is informative about the ugly truth and finds solutions that can be fun and easy to follow.  Please check out us out @ Thanks to  for providing this video. Together with your help we can start the snowball effect.

Let us at TheRealCycle draw you the ugly picture of reality.

We have to attack this problem head on and put this problem front and center.  Not hiding it, and making believe that it doesn't exist. That's why we are here drawing you this very ugly picture. Because if you get involve and get on board, we can make a dent and help to create a chain-reaction and will eventually slow down the growth of one of these Gyres. I'm a firm believer than the only reason that these Gyres have gotten so big, so gigantic is because not enough people are aware that they even exist. . We are not about just having fun while creating art, at, but we are here also to try to inform people of this crisis... way too much garbage.  Just one of these Gyre (circular patch of mostly plastic debris) is the size of the state of Texas. That equals to 700,000 square kilometres or 270,000 square miles. And there are at least five Gyres in the ocean. They are in the South Atlantic, North Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific