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One stop shopping, one click and you’ll find everything and anything made by recycling creatively.

These are some of the categories you'll find that we cover. I believe that if it has to do with recycling...[it] should all be on one web-site, all in the same place.   I found while doing research that it is hard to find some of the super cool stuff that is out there, made from recycled items. I found out it's not that easy to catch the recycle bug. I'm not talking about recycling bottle and cans, that's all fine a dandy and yes if you are doing that please keep on doing that, it does help. You can even go to the extent of living in an environment friendly home and driving an environment friendly car. Why am I doing what I do? I believe the easier it is for consumers like you to find items made by recycling manufactures and artists. The more those manufactures will sell, the more they sell their products, the more the prices will come down. Making those initially pricey products more mainstream. That everyone will be able to afford them, this will even out