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I believe that if it has to do with recycling...[it] should all be on one web-site, all in the same place.  I found while doing research that it is hard to find some of the super cool stuff that is out there, made from recycled items. I found out it's not that easy to catch the recycle bug. I'm not talking about recycling bottle and cans, that's all fine a dandy and yes if you are doing that please keep on doing that, it does help. You can even go to the extent of living in an environment friendly home and driving an environment friendly car.
Why am I doing what I do? I believe the easier it is for consumers like you to find items made by recycling manufactures and artists. The more those manufactures will sell, the more they sell their products, the more the prices will come down. Making those initially pricey products more mainstream. That everyone will be able to afford them, this will even out the playing field and more people will have more choices as to if they buy recycled goods or if they buy the normal typical items that they have always bought, for years.
People are still till this day producing on the average two and a half pounds of garbage a day. That's every one of us, you add that up. Where is all that garbage going to? To our oceans and landfills, that’s where. That's why I'm here trying to make it easy for people to start doing things differently. But I know if I don't make it easy and accessible people just won't change their ways.
I've seen things made from recycled items that run the entire spectrum from little objects like bottle caps on belts to car bumpers made into house sofas to pianos made into wall shelves for books. The truth to the matter is there's is no shortage of ideas - which is fantastic. It proves that when it comes to recycling there are endless possibilities. All of these manufacturers are doing great things as part of the cause to reduce waste. They are doing a little bit at a time, making an impact towards this out of control garbage crisis. But they are doing it in isolation not as a group where they and their products can be easily found.
What happens is that you might want to buy a notebook that you heard about made from old license plates or sneakers made from car tires or a jacket made from recycled styrofoam — you will notice that for each individual item you will have to search on a different website. Why is that, why are they so difficult to find? If my vision takes off with the right backing- this won’t be the case for long.
Let's say now you want to get a belt that is made of bottle caps and you're looking for a sofa made from a car bumper or a clock made from a bicycle wheel. Guess what again, you have to go to a different site for every item that I just mentioned. That would stop anybody from going any further in their search. I have the recycle bug and I would get tired of searching and I would call it a day. That's just what people do they find one little thing and move on, because they don't see a huge amount of choices, since everything is on a separate site,
It is just too much work. Let's say after all of that you wanted to buy something to hang on your wall or to decorate your dining table made from beautifully recycled items you again would have to do another search. It should not be that hard to fine great recycled stuff. When it comes to items that are repurposed be it clothing, jewelry, accessories, furniture, arts and crafts and much more they should all be under one roof. Making them easy to find. With information on how the person made it. In this day and age of easy access to information we believe "the recycling community" hasn't caught up. is here to change that - to have everything that you want at your finger tips. Then and only then I believe you are going to be able to catch the recycle bug.
There are so many great products out there but what good are they if you don't know about them and worst you can't find them. I will be updating my site on a regular basis and I would appreciate your input if you hear or see something that's cool and of course made from recycled materials, please drop me a line. I will attach a description and a link to it so that others know about it as well.
My goal and vision is to have a "one click" easy access policy. One click and you find out which big companies are doing more with less, which are finding and investing in recycling technologies. One click and you're find art and crafts artist selling their wares. One click and you can get involved by following along on DIY videos that you can rewind and pause as needed. The projects that I will showcase as DIY videos will be using everyday items that you could have laying around your house. The reason I bring all of this to you is to get your mind thinking of other possibilities and hopefully this will lead you into your own projects. I believe in keeping it fun while thinking out of the box. There are no limits to what and how we all can recycle. I hope that the examples will start your wheels turning and that you can come up with your own new and innovative solutions. When you do you let me know so I can post it on our site.
We are all in this together, there's only one planet earth, it all effects every one of us. I believe a great place to start is to be informed about how serious the problem is. Then to know what's out there, and what we can use to gain some leverage and to help slow the amount of garbage that produce. Keeping inform of the set backs that we may face (like oil spills) as well as the achievements and accomplishments we have made when it comes to recycling and garbage reduction.
To make an impact and really get the ball rolling when it comes to changing people's perception it has to be a holistic method. Change from the bottom up, make it easier to find and make it more affordable so they can actually buy it. Make it fun so they stick with it and keep on coming back for more. Remember there could be great products out there but what good are they if nobody knows that they exist and nobody can find them.
After all is said and done and when you find out how easy it is to follow along. Once you find out how much fun it is to do some of the projects. When you start to get a feeling of accomplishment because you know you're doing some good and noble, and it that stands for something. When you buy things that you know are helping the cause, and feel good about it. Then you will be able to say "I caught the recycling bug".
To view the pre-launch site so you can see my outline at work please visit me @
Thank you for listening - this is very important to all of us. I would really appreciate it if you could help the cause. Thank you. -Edwin


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