The many possibilities of creative recycling that you'll discover at The Real Cycle.

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There are endless possibilities of ways you can recycle. Let us at The Real Cycle guide you through them. You learn by doing, just following along and seeing how it's done.

Once you see for yourself what others are doing, it's like a light bulb going off in your head. You'll discover other possibilities for yourself. This blog is to demonstrate that with one object you can go in so many different directions. The journey is part of the adventure, letting your ideas flow can be exciting. Not knowing where it's going to take you can be exciting.

Sometimes the journey to discovering is what motivates me. I don't know about you... but I don't get as excited when I know exactly how something is going to turn out. Like they say it's more about the journey, not necessary the destination.

What better journey is there when you're doing it for a good cause and when you're pleasantly surprised with the results at the end?  You accomplish something, you learn something, you achieve something that you didn't really expect and you did it all while recycling. Now that's what is all about.

All the materials that I use on all of my examples were just that, recycled. Sometimes it's cut outs of old magazine clippings, sometimes its cutting up an old color swatch books. I even take an old wire hanger you know the ones that leave hanger marks on your clothes.

Well I've found I can take that wire hanger cut it and unfold it to making it almost a straight line. From that point I start to reshape the hanger into any silo shape that I feel like forming. That hanger acts to make the form that your working on more rigid. Then I use my old color swatch book that I cut into half inch strips and glue that around the silo that I formed with the old hanger. And that's basically the beginning of the exploration for my illustration adventures.

If you notice some examples of where it has taken me. Just on one project you see that there are really endless possibilities. 

The funny thing is that even after all that you might decide to go in an entirely different direction (see the last image). But I think that if you take the journey with me you'll see that it was fun, and you'll have a feeling of accomplishment for completing what you started. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, and most importantly you'll start to look at garbage in a totally different way.

You might even start to make some extra cash in the process... if you register with us.


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