What if:

What if: There was a site where all the artists that use recycled / re-purposed materials on the web, were all in one place... a hub, easy to find people that want to make a difference and be green.
What if: On that site you could see videos of how the artists made their art, and maybe make it or something similar to it yourself.
What if: On that site anytime you bought or sold something 2% went to a charity that recycled of your choice automatically.
What if: Anyone could register for free and exhibit their art work and help make a difference about the garbage problem that just keeps getting worst.
Well your wait is over now there is such a web-site. It's still under construction but has been launched and is having people register to it for free, so they can show and sell their wares. The only requirement is that what ever materials they use in their art have to be use in a totally different way from their original intended use.
Registering is for free now, but once the site is fully functional there will be a small fee for registering.
Please spread the word that "TheRealCycle.com" has arrived. And stay tune for some more helpful blogs, we will keep you up to date and hopefully be informative and helpful of different ways others are recycling and you to might be able to creatively recycle.
Thank you for listening. -Edwin


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