Salvaging great looking junk at

Courtesy of Tv show - Flea Market Flip
Nothing is too big or too small to recycle.

We believe in working hard, selling hard but with a soft gentle caring touch. We love making commercial art for the masses, art that evokes a personal emotional attachment. That’s one of the reason we believe you should use something that you have laying around and spruce it up. You will feel the same way we do, when you work on your artistic creation, all while being green and recycling everyday items.
We have gather some neat examples from the Tv show "Flea Market Flip", of just how others are salvaging junk and making it look great and that serve a purpose.
We let the pieces speak for themselves. We think it's important to learn by seeing, we plan to post videos on how it’s done. We are doing all this, so you might get inspired and a “light bulb” might go on in your head. You are only limited by your imagination.
“Flea Market Flip” is just one of the many shows out there that are in line with our cause. We are in the process of developing a substantial list of Tv shows that use recycle stuff. We will be sharing their links with you - websites that show you examples of how to DIY. Hopefully there will be projects that you might want to try to make yourself and have fun with. So, you can see that there’s nothing too big or too small when it comes to recycling.

Remember there's no wrong or right way of doing a green project, the important thing is to start doing something and to have fun with it. Go the tab "Post it here" at Please give us feed-back of things that you liked, or things that you would like to see on a future post. We can’t wait to see the creations that you post. Remember don't discard, make art. 


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